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Warranty, repairs and insurance​​

On this page you will find answers to all your questions regarding warranty conditions and the process for registering a warranty case. You can also track the status of a pending repair or simply submit a new repair request here.

More about warranty, repairs and insurance

You can do this quickly and easily via the online repair form.

Follow the return instructions via our return form.

We repair your stretch ceiling or electrical installation ourselves.

And you can easily and quickly register a repair yourself via the online return form.

You can register your product for return within 30 days. This can be done via the online return form.

After registration you have another 14 days to send your product for free.
You can choose to exchange your product for free or to have your money refunded.
To get the full purchase amount back, it is important to return your product in its original condition and undamaged. For example: take a lamp out of the box and look at it from all sides, but do not install it.
View here the detailed return conditions.

After 30 days you can register your product for repair. Via the online repair form.

You have a 10-year warranty on your stretch ceiling and a 2-year warranty on all other products if not stated otherwise.

The type of warranty that applies to our stretch ceilings may vary between manufacturing defects and installation defects over a period of time.

The guarantee against manufacturing defects covers any defects or defects that arise as a result of errors in the material or production of the stretch ceiling. This may include, for example, tears, loose seams or discolorations.

The guarantee against installation errors focuses on possible problems that arise from incorrect installation of the stretch ceiling. This includes, for example, loose fasteners, uneven tension or problems with the finish

Free repair in case of manufacturing defect
If your stretch ceiling breaks due to a manufacturing defect within the warranty period, the repair is free of charge. In the event of a manufacturing defect, your product will break sooner than expected under normal use. For example, if yes seam tears while you didn’t do anything crazy.

Paid repair for user damage
When the defect is due to your own fault, this is called user damage. This is not covered by the factory warranty. We are still happy to help you with the repair, but you have to pay for it. We cannot indicate in advance how high the costs will be. We first examine your ceiling, make a quotation and wait for your decision before we start the repair.

You can register the repair easily and quickly via the online return form.

On average, scheduling a repair takes 2 to 3 weeks. Note: this differs per period and problem. For example, replacing a lamp takes less time than replacing a stretch ceiling cloth.

We will send you an update about your repair at least once a week. You can also track the status of your repair via My STRETCH

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