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Creating an atmosphere in your interior with a printed stretch ceiling

With our photo walls and photo ceilings, we create the experience you want to achieve within your interior. A family photo, logo of your company or special visual… It’s all possible.

Key features of our printing solution

Seamless up to 5.15m



Fast install process

Easy instal process

10 Year Warranty


Offices / Showrooms​

Are you tired of the white walls in the office? Do you want to create more experience at your workplace?
With our print walls we dress your space the way you want, if you wish to replace it after a number of months / years, this is possible by just replacing the printed canvas. So you do not have to provide the entire construction again.

Akoestisch spanplafond kantoor

Living room/bedroom

Are you also crazy about a themed room? And do you want to decorate your room/space every so often with a different theme and this for a limited budget?

With our STRETCH print walls we do that! We print your desired visual on our canvas and cover your ceiling or wall.

Branding wall

Do you want to put your company in the spotlight both indoors and outdoors? Then we can print your visual on our banners with our print walls and mount it against your outer wall, inner wall. Both as luminous facade advertising and as a standard or acoustic print wall in your interior.


Printable up to 515cm
1 cm
1 %
1 %

Personalized stretch ceilings

Are you looking for a wall or ceiling covering that can be personalized and can also hide an ugly wall or ceiling without breaking or sanding?

Then opting for a printed tension wall is the right choice, with this we move 1 cm forward and in this way you no longer see anything of your uneven wall or ceiling.

Printed wallpaper

Do you opt for the most budget-friendly way to decorate your space and are your walls and ceilings plastered almost perfectly? Then choosing a seamlessly printed wallpaper is the right choice, we offer you a seamless wallpaper that can be printed with a visual of your choice, the printed wallpaper is glued directly to your existing walls. It is important that your walls do not have any irregularities because this can be visible through the wallpaper.

Our seamless wallpaper is based on an Airtex textile with a PU coating on 2 sides, of which we print 1 and glue 1 side against the existing wall or ceiling.

Create the ultimate print and light experience

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